Photo by Jill Steinberg

Photo by Jill Steinberg

Maps For A War Tourist

Dixon Place, NY, June 2-17, Fridays and Saturdays

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Reviews: "fascinating, simultaneously visceral and avant-garde" Jon Sobel, Blogcritics

"Here, the tensions between the show that might have been and the work actually on display are compelling, the botches inevitable and poignant. (In this way, the piece stands as a more somber companion to lighthearted experiments by the likes of Forced Entertainment and Gob Squad.)" Alexis Soloski, New York Times

"Maps for a War Tourist, like all of Sister Sylvester’s work, is a complex, deeply reflective work that weaves together strands of the personal, political and mythological with deft subtlety." Katy Einerson, Culturebot

"The piece traces the literal lines and the ephemeral trajectories of these artists lives.  From pen on paper, to digital mapping apps, to the haunted images our minds associate with places, there are many ways we record our movement in space. Theater is certainly another. Maps makes an effort to emphasize that life is full of these complex, contradictory paths." Nicole Serratore, Exeunt

Photo by Sofie Knijff

Three Rooms

Shubbak Festival, Arcola, London, July 14-15

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Tickets available soon for:

Globalize Cologne, Cologne, October 2017

Dancing On The Edge, Amsterdam October 2017

Bozar, Brussels, November 2017

Les Bancs Publics, Marseille, November 2017