Brecht Forensics: Part 1, Drinking Brecht, (2018)

Cocktails, DNA, petri-dish, alcohol, strawberries, percussion.
Performance: Prelude Festival, CUNY Graduate Center, Oct 4th 2018
Duration: 1 hour
Artists: Kathryn Hamilton, Mike Perdue, Jude Traxler, Dr Mike Flanagan, Devin Burnam
In collaboration with GenSpace

Brecht Forensics is a new work in development, based on DNA extracted from a hat that used to be the costume for soldier number 2 in the Berliner Ensemble performances of Mother Courage. The hat has never been washed, because Brecht wanted it to stink like the war, and so it retains the DNA of those who interacted with it and wore it since 1949. Brecht Forensics will be created out of the DNA itself, growing onstage inside of live bacteria.

Drinking Brecht is a way of sharing research into Sister Sylvester’s newest piece, Brecht Forensics, by creating cocktails out of the DNA of former Berliner Ensemble members.