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Sister Sylvester is the ghost of a nun who haunted the first home/studio/performance venue where Sister made work, and it became the company's name for its gender-fluid, feminist and spectral associations.

Sister Sylvester makes work, often essayistic performances, using first hand research and found documents. Sister Sylvester invite disruption into both the performance and the process, and look for dissonance and difficulty in text, image and sound. 

Sister's work is often concerned with belongings and displacements, investigating the ways that individuals and communities place themselves when they are out-of-place –both psychically and physically. Sister's work began with a performative response to the novel Boxman, by the Japanese writer Kobo Abe. Boxman tells the story of young men in Tokyo, alienated by their surroundings, who choose make a new life inside the shell/shelter of body-sized boxes, hidden from the eyes of those around them. Sister's most recent work was a collaboration with two Syrian artists who have been physically displaced, and meditates on the potentials of technology - in this case Skype - to re-place, or replace, a physical presence.

Sister presented and performed their work internationally at institutions including The Public Theater, NYC; Abrons Art Center, NYC; Park Avenue Armory, NYC; JACK, NYC; Dixon Place, NYC; Alt Bomonti Gallery, Istanbul; Kose, Istanbul; Arcola Theater, London; Frascati, Amsterdam; Bozar Festival, Brussels; Les Bancs Publics, Marseille.

Sister Sylvester is led by Kathryn Karaoglu Hamilton. Current collaborators are : Cyrus Moshrefi, Kelsea Martin, Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, Juan Betancurth, Jacqueline Blaska, Bruce Steinberg. 

(Follow this link for Kathryn Hamilton's bio.)

In past and present collaborations with:

Bruce Steinberg
Brian Oh
Kelsea Martin
Cyrus Moshrefi
Jeremy M. Barker
Devin Burnam
Terence Mintern
Gregory Bosse
Mark Hensley
Lori Parquet
Brandt Adams
Peter Clough
Jennifer Gustavson
Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste
Laudeceia Calixto
Rita Oliveira
Damon Pelletier
Ngozi Anyanwu
Ry Szelong
Hatem Hadawe
Amal Omran
Onur Karaoglu
Juan Betancurth
Alma Toaspern
Kinga Jacwezski

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